IT-Network Specialist instructor got his start at CVTC too

Brian Goodman, CVTC instructor

Brian Goodman

Chippewa Valley Technical College

IT Network Specialist instructor

Information Technology

Friends and teachers at Gilman High School thought Brian Goodman was obviously university material. However, Goodman told them he would attend what was then called District One Technical Institute. 

First, Goodman enrolled in the Electronics Servicing technical diploma program. He loved it, and it launched a great career for him. Next, he got an associate degree in Electronics Technology giving him his first experience with computers. 

For nine years Goodman worked as a broadcast engineer at WEAU-TV in Eau Claire. In 1985 one of his instructors told him there was an instructor opening and Goodman jumped at the opportunity. 

“I was honored to work with the very instructors who provided my training just a few years earlier,” said Goodman. 

To improve his instructional and technical skills, Goodman began work on a bachelor’s degree in Vocational, Technical, and Adult Education. Over the years, he continued to pursue his educational goals, earning a master’s and education specialist degree in Vocational Education from UW-Stout. During a couple of summers he returned to jobs in the field, which also helped him stay current. 

In 1999 CVTC asked Goodman to teach courses from the Cisco Networking Academy, an educational branch of Cisco Systems Inc. The courses comprise a focus area of the IT-Network Specialist Program. 

Because of his background in electronic communication and the instructor training provided by the Cisco Networking Academy, Goodman made the transition from teaching electronics to networking. 

Technology constantly changes, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the students’ desire to learn a marketable skill, the same desire Goodman had when he first enrolled at CVTC. 

“The students keep me coming back. I enjoy working with them,” he said. “The most satisfying feeling for me is when I have helped someone reach his or her career goals.”