Former GE engineer brings expertise to unique NWTC program

Farris Saifkani, NWTC instructor

Farris Saifkani

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Manufacturing Engineering Instructor

Manufacturing Engineering

As an elementary school student in Tehran, Iran Farris Saifkani discovered the wonders of magnets. He came home from school and made his own electro magnet. The family learned of his experiment when Saifkani plugged his magnet into the wall socket and the power went out in the whole house.

By the time he got to high school, Saifkani knew he wanted to become an electrical engineer. During this time he also got his first teaching position as a tutor.

“It was good money,” he recalled. “I continued in college helping students prepare for the university entrance exam.”

Saifkani came to the United States for graduate school at Oregon State University. He spent 18 years working for General Electric as a design engineer, an application engineer and finally a system engineer specializing in control systems for public transportation systems, locomotives, manufacturing automation and turbines.

He also enjoyed college-level teaching at Oregon State. Since 2007, Saifkani has been teaching at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) and later at University of Wisconsin Stout. He helped establish a unique Manufacturing Engineering Program which is a 2+2 with University of Wisconsin Stout, allowing students to earn an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering at NWTC-Green Bay. Saifkani proudly states that many of his students earned high honors from the University of Wisconsin – Stout.

“Two-year colleges should be a gateway for a career path and higher education wherever it takes you, not a stopping place,” he said. “Our students are well-prepared through this rigorous program.”