Passion for teaching matches passion for his field

Steve Michaud, CVTC faculty

Steve Michaud

Chippewa Valley Technical College

Instructor Machine Tooling Technics

Machine Tooling Technics

Steve Michaud is where he belongs. Every day at CVTC’s Manufacturing Education Center, he’s with his current students, preparing them for careers in the machine tool industry. He’s also with his former students, now his fellow instructors, in the Machine Tooling Technics program. Among them is his son, Jason.

Michaud knows he could still be dean of manufacturing, a position he held for five years, or a highly valued consultant with a private company, which he was for seven years before returning to CVTC.

“I wouldn’t want to trade those five years of being dean for anything, but when I came back, I wanted to be in the classroom. That’s where the action is,” said Michaud, whose passion for teaching is matched only by his passion for his trade, in which he has quietly played an important role in the Chippewa Valley.

“Who could have it better than me?” Michaud said. “I never have a day when I’m driving in that I wish I didn’t have to go to work. Now I sit a few desks away from my former students and my son.”