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New bill aims to help foster kids go to college

For many students in the foster care system, going to college is rarely a reality, but a new bill being discussed at the Capitol would aim to change that culture. Any foster kid between 13 and 25 years old would be eligible for a grant of up to $30,000 per year to attend several colleges and schools within the University of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Technical College systems.

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Wisconsin to invest $20 million in technology education and workforce training

Gov. Scott Walker has announced that Wisconsin will spend $20 million on a job training program with colleges and universities designed to prepare people for electronics manufacturing jobs. Part of the plan will inject $5 million to allow high school students to take college courses in technology before they graduate. There will also be $7 million in scholarships for students who want to improve their skill set, as well as training for high-demand fields.

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Wisconsin aims to combat teacher shortage with teaching licensing changes

The state’s future teachers might face fewer challenges obtaining a teacher’s license in 2018 due to changes to the teacher licensing process the state Department of Public Instruction (DPI) proposed in December. The changes would attempt to tackle a state- and nation-wide teacher shortage by streamlining the licensing process and allowing some educators to expand into new subject areas.

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WITC to open satellite campus in Balsam Lake

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College is preparing to open a satellite campus in Balsam Lake, WI. According to the plan, WITC would lease the Polk County’s former library building. WITC plans to remodel the building in preparation for classes beginning in fall 2018.

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FVTC, Lakeland mark 40-year partnership with new transfer agreement

Fox Valley Technical College and Lakeland University Lakeland celebrated a 40-year partnership with another new credit transfer agreement. The latest collaboration provides benefits including connecting FVTC learners to Lakeland academic advisors, the opportunity for students to work in their field while continuing an education at Lakeland, scholarship opportunities for FVTC graduates, and individualized academic plans and career development services to help students launch and advance their careers.

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Child care grant helps working parents at Western

The 'Child Care Access Means Parents in School' four-year grant was renewed for Western Technical College, awarding the campus about $268,000, making it easier for local parents to further their own education. The money helps pay for full-time child care for Western students so they can complete their programs.

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New program at NWTC to help small business owners

NWTC’s Small Business Initiative is a program to help small business owners expand their business beyond the “first stage” or microenterprise or level. Participants can discover the skills and talents needed for business success, identify potential gaps that might be stifling growth, and develop a plan for achieving their growth goals.

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Nicolet launches newly structured welding program

Nicolet College has launched a newly-structured and highly-flexible welding program that allows students to progress through the entire curriculum at their own pace. Instead of traditional classes, the welding program consists of instructional modules that focus on specific skills in each unit.

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Madison College, MSD partner to offer early college STEM academy

Starting next fall, Madison high school students will be able to attend Madison College full time, earning high school and college credit at no cost as part of a new early college STEM academy. The pilot programs is the result of a new partnership between the Madison School District and Madison College.

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Young adults, teens show increasing interest in agriculture

Two school programs in central Wisconsin are helping young adults get into an agricultural field, and they're growing in popularity.

At Wausau East High School, 170 teens in the local FFA club have ambitions to pursue a career in the agricultural field.

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