Flexible Learning Options

man with laptopAlthough the traditional classroom is still the most popular way to take a course, distance learning options are becoming more common. Through flexible learning options, you can take courses to meet your needs and fit your busy schedules. You can access educational, credit-based courses from home, work, or remote campuses through video-based telecourses, two-way interactive television and online courses.

Online Learning

The Internet can be a great way to take courses on your own schedule. Internet courses allow you to communicate with faculty and fellow students anywhere in the world. Access online learning opportunities from all 16 technical colleges.


Telecourses allow you to view lectures via television or recorded video at times and locations most convenient to you.

Interactive Television (ITV)

Interactive Television is high-quality teleconferencing via a statewide, full-motion fiber optic network and compressed video technology. The Wisconsin Technical College Network connects all 16 colleges into one interactive television network. This allows you to access a variety of courses that are shared among the colleges.

Computer Based Training (CBT)

If you are interested in upgrading skills in the areas of computer networking, operating systems and microcomputer applications, you can take an interactive tutorial delivered online.


Hybrid programs are a flexible learning option that combines innovative online learning with the best traditional classroom teaching. Learners attend class for a portion of the assigned time, while the remainder of learning activities is conducted online. The number and/or length of classroom time will vary, depending on the nature of the program and the instructors.