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16 Best colleges for veterans in Wisconsin

By Susan Pohorski

Are you one of the thousands of military veterans returning home to start a new career and a new life? You might be exploring the possibilities of higher education. So what are the best options for you? 

Local technical colleges can often provide the best educational environment for men and women on the way to their post military life. Remaining in your hometown offers community and family support in a familiar environment and you can make use of the Wisconsin G.I. Bill to waive tuition. 

Faster path to employment
Technical colleges allow students to finish training and find employment quickly. In some cases you can enroll and complete an employer-recognized credential in six to eight weeks. Technical diploma programs usually take one year to complete and most associate degree programs can be completed in two years, depending on number of units you take per semester. 

“Many Veterans and Service Members have families to provide for, so finding work after separation is incredibly important,” says Jeremy Galica, Veterans and Academic Advisor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. 

Small class sizes
Another benefit to technical college education is smaller class sizes. In many cases, veterans and service members are uneasy in large crowds. Technical colleges can provide a more comfortable setting for them. 

In addition, technical colleges typically have a more diverse population. The average age of a technical college student is 34 years.  

“Because of their unique life experiences, veterans are typically much more mature,” Galica explains. “Sometimes, because of the maturity level, it’s difficult to be around the “traditional student” because they aren’t relatable.” 

Army veteran Jennifer Ross found the atmosphere at her technical college friendly and diverse. “There were people from many different backgrounds so it was easy to fit in,” she adds. 


Education that fits your life, schedule

Technical colleges offer flexible learning and scheduling opportunities. This is helpful for veterans who have families and jobs they need to plan around. 

Finally, technical colleges can maximize the amount of technical credits that you received from your military experience, which may allow you to transfer to a four-year college or university that much sooner. Technical colleges also give the opportunity to work with these credits and toward a possible Individual Technical Studies Associate’s Degree based on your military experience. 

Did you know Wisconsin’s technical colleges offer priority enrollment for veterans? Veteran certifying officials help you get the most from your educational benefits and steer them to other resources when needed. Some technical colleges offer veterans clubs or support groups. The colleges offer career coaching and academic advising to all students. 

For more information about technical educational opportunities contact your local Wisconsin technical college or visit the Veterans Wisconsin Educational Portal.



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