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Could 2015 be the year you start your new career?

By Susan Pohorski

As your children mature and become less dependent maybe it is time to think about your own dreams and career. When you don’t have to spend every waking hour tending to your children’s needs, you can stop for a few moments and think about your own needs and desires.

When her children were both in their teens, Mary Clark decided to do something she always wanted to do—go back to school for a nursing degree. Mary already had a degree in Animal Science, but realized she preferred taking care of humans. The program was difficult and challenging, but she completed it.

Sandy Toney enrolled in the Food Science Program at Moraine Park Technical College when she was 30 years old. The courses were tough and the program was intense, but she persevered.

“I remembered my best classes in high school were science,” she recalled. Sandy finished the degree and took a position as quality manager at Masters Gallery Foods. With tuition assistance from Masters Gallery, Sandy earned a bachelor’s degree from Silver Lake College. She progressed through several management positions to vice president.

Motherhood interrupted Leah Fogle’s college education. Later she found work in sales and marketing for a senior living facility. However, her real passion was cooking. At 40, Leah met and married Jeff Fogle who dreamed of owning a brewery.

Leah enrolled in the Culinary Arts program at Fox Valley Technical College and completed the associate degree in five semesters. The couple now owns The Appleton Beer Factory.

Many parents return to college to set a good example for their children. Others want to increase their earning power and make a better life for their family. Whatever your reasons, technical college can help you meet your goals, change your life and the lives of your family members. Is 2015 the year for you to pursue your dreams?

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