Wisconsin Technical Colleges Near Me

The easy way to transfer from two-year to four-year college in Wisconsin

By Susan Pohorski

Transferring from a Wisconsin technical college to a four-year college or university does not have to be difficult. If you already know your career goals require a bachelor’s degree, talk with your admissions counselor or academic advisor and plan accordingly. Even if you don’t have a specific major in mind, but know you want to transfer, seek advice before registering for courses.

Requirements differ from institution to institution and a counselor or advisor can help you make the most of your credits as you transfer into your major. They can also help you choose an appropriate college or university to meet your career goals.

Each Wisconsin technical college has a staff member who works specifically with students planning to transfer. These individuals will provide valuable assistance.

If your plans include a University of Wisconsin campus, you’ll want to visit the Transfer Information System website. Also check transfer agreements for your particular technical college.

As you narrow down your choices for further education, check the websites for transfer student information and contact the college or university admissions office. Work closely with them and ask how they can help you make the transition.

For more information about college transfer, listen to our podcast Maximizing your credit transfer options.