Employers: In need of summer help or interns? Turn to technical college students

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By Erin Eagan


Graduation season is upon us at Wisconsin’s technical colleges, so it’s the perfect time to recognize the talent and potential of technical college students and solve your employment needs. Each year, graduates from over 500 industry-driven programs in high-demand sectors enter the labor force prepared for highly skilled technical professions.

According to the Graduate Outcomes Report, a survey of more than 25,000 individuals who graduated from a technical college in 2016, 93 percent were employed within six months of graduation. This is a win-win for graduates as well as Wisconsin employers, as the majority of these graduates stay in state after graduation.

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graphic design student working
But even before their commencement ceremonies, many of these graduates are being scooped up by employers because they come highly skilled and ready to hit the ground running on day one. These students are highly sought after because Wisconsin’s technical colleges have developed close partnerships with local businesses and industry representatives. They work together to help guide each career program, ensuring the curriculum includes the necessary skills that today’s employers require.

If your company is looking to fill summer positions or an internship, consider a technical college student for your next hire. Need extra help with recruitment? Consider the following:

1. Post any part-time or full-time or positions online at Wisconsin TechConnect to find job seekers who match the program/skills criteria you’re looking for.

2. If you don’t have an internship program already in place, now is the time to do so. Contact your college’s local representative to coordinate a mutually beneficial experience for you and the student.

3. Get to know more about the students while they get to know more about you through in-person recruitment. Set up a visit to the college’s campus to discuss open positions, accept applications and resumes and interview students on-site. Or become an exhibitor and meet with hundreds of qualified job seekers at any of the colleges’ targeted job fairs.

All of the technical colleges’ Career Services are more than willing to assist you in recruiting trained, educated and motivated potential employees. You’re busy! Why not make your life a little easier - work with your local technical college to find your next hire.