Four ways to keep up and get ahead in your career

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By Susan Pohorski
Woman uses keypunch machine to record data in 1955. Jobs change when technology changes.

Is your job the same as it was when you were hired? Few of us take a job and remain in that job for our whole career. Even if we did, the job will probably change. New technology, innovation and efficiency change how we do our work.

So how do you keep up? Here are a few of the many ways to keep abreast of workplace changes:

  1. Read – Professional or industry publications provide news and educational articles to help you keep up to date. Use social media to find news about your career field.
  2. Network – Find a professional organization or club for people in your career field. These organizations provide local networking and education opportunities as well as regional, national and international events. Some have excellent online resources and offer webinars so you can learn wherever you are. LinkedIn groups also provide a community of experts.
  3. Find a mentor – Is there someone in your circle of friends who is more knowledgeable than you in your career field? Perhaps they would be willing to advise you or teach you new skills. Again, LinkedIn can help you find others in your occupation.
  4. Look for educational opportunities through your local technical college. Perhaps you want to learn a new software program or need to improve your skills in a certain area. Technical colleges offer a wide range of courses and programs you can take in person or online. There are many continuing education opportunities, workshops, seminars and certificate programs in fields such as health care, electronics, marketing, transportation, business management, computer skills and manufacturing.

Education is not a one-time deal. You can make yourself the best employee in your field, prepare for a promotion or just keep up with the latest technology by following these tips.  Any further recommendations?