Four ways your tax dollars provide a strong return on investment

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Raise your hand if you are investing in Wisconsin. If you pay property taxes in the state, you are an investor in Wisconsin’s technical colleges. The return on that investment can be seen every day in the educated individuals who make our society function, from police officers and firefighters to nurses and lab technicians to electrical utility workers and land surveyors. But what about the real dollar return on that investment?

According to a 2010 analysis by Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI), taxpayers see a 4 percent rate of return in their investment. For every dollar invested in Wisconsin technical colleges, taxpayers get $12.20 in benefits.

How is that possible?

  1. College operations result in a net of $580.3 million in added labor and non-labor income.
  2. Students from out of state spend approximately $38.8 million each year.
  3. Former Wisconsin technical college students who gained higher skills added an estimated $6.4 billion in income to Wisconsin in 2008-09 alone.
  4. Technical college education leads to improved health and reduced welfare, unemployment, and crime. This saves the public about $29.2 million annually.

In the past 10 years Wisconsin’s technical colleges served 81 percent more dislocated and unemployed workers. Your investment made that possible. In addition, many young people found their career passion and earned degrees that helped them find employment. Nine out of 10 graduates are employed within six months of graduation. You can take pride in that accomplishment.