Graduates of technical colleges find employment through Wisconsin TechConnect

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By Erin Eagan

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In a tight job market, companies are scrambling to try and find the right people to fill their job openings, especially when it comes to careers such as electricians, early childhood teachers, dental hygienists, radiation therapists, paralegals and others. These types of vacancies represent nearly half of the labor force, making graduates of technical colleges a hot commodity.

Knowing graduates of technical colleges have the skills they seek, more than 17,000 of Wisconsin’s employers are turning to Wisconsin TechConnect to find workers to fill these positions. Wisconsin TechConnect is a free, statewide online employment connection exclusive to graduates and students of any of the state’s 16 technical colleges.

“Students who are accepted into an eligible program of study and enrolled in at least one credit or an alumni of a technical college may register for access to this site,” says Rochelle Wanner, Lead Advisor, Employer Relations, Career and Employment Services at Madison Area Technical College. “This is a lifelong service that we provide once they are registered.” Wisconsin TechConnect matches job openings with students and alumni by using: their program, their desired job location and their chosen job type (full-time, part-time or internship).

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Here’s how Wisconsin TechConnect works:
>> Register at as a technical college alum
>> Post your resume online for employers to view when they post jobs matching your program
>> Receive emails of available jobs matching your program
>> Search all employment opportunities and get customized results

Steve Hahn, a Northeast Wisconsin Technical College graduate, is just one of many alum who found employment using the site. “I graduated from the AODA program in 2015,” says Hahn. “I found full-time work in the AODA field within two months of graduation because of the Wisconsin TechConnect website.”

Resources like Wisconsin TechConnect are the reason why 94% of technical college graduates are employed within six months of graduation and why 94% stay in Wisconsin to live and work. If you are a graduate of a Wisconsin technical college, you are invited to register for full access to Wisconsin TechConnect.