How employers’ attention to training keeps them ahead of the industry

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By Erin Eagan


In a rapidly changing environment, employers allowing their organizations to fall behind in training is no longer an option. Keeping pace with this type of change requires an ongoing investment in training and development. By partnering with Wisconsin’s technical colleges, industry leaders are not only learning to adapt to change, but they are becoming a champion of change.

Whether implementing new technology or trying to improve employee safety, customized training can address an organization’s need for increased skills and competencies for its workers. All 16 of the state’s technical colleges offer Business and Industry Services where educational professionals will work closely with your organization, no matter what industry you’re in, to identify specific needs and provide customized training and performance improvement solutions. The training programs are offered either at the college or at your facility and are designed to enhance skills, increase productivity and drive revenue growth.

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Waupaca Foundry sought out the expertise of Fox Valley Technical College for customized training.

Knowing it needed to increase its productivity, Waupaca Foundry, a leading iron castings manufacturer, introduced robotics into its Waupaca plant. The implementation of robotics, however, meant the company’s maintenance and electrical employees needed training to be able to operate and troubleshoot the new technology. The company sought out the expertise of Fox Valley Technical College for customized training that would address those needs. “The training was designed to help them understand what was about to come,” says Gordy Barth, Employee Development and Training Manager, Waupaca Foundry.

Through its Business and Industry Services, FVTC provided training in included industry-recognized ABB Robotics programs. “Having these robots along with our employees’ knowledge has increased productivity, reduced downtime and improved safety,” says Barth. “It’s made my job a lot easier.”

Other companies in Wisconsin have utilized the services that the colleges provide and have success stories of their own. Contact your local technical college to learn more how about customized employee training can help you.