Job seekers need to know the reality of rejection

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A recent survey by revealed that job seekers are operating under a false view of themselves. Employers are rejecting them because they don’t have the requisite skills, but they aren’t communicating that.

According to the survey employers only inform 12 percent of candidates that they do not have the necessary skills for the job to which they applied. It’s time to tell them the truth. They need more education or training to get a job.

The survey also found that only 1 in 5 candidates are trying to improve themselves by volunteering or going back to school. Maybe if they knew the truth that number would increase.

While many displaced workers are enrolling in technical and community colleges there are still many individuals submitting applications that will never lead to an interview. Human Resources managers could do these candidates a great favor by pointing the way to local technical colleges that have programs designed to fit the specific needs of local employers. You'll also be doing your company a favor by providing more skilled workers to fill positions.

Offer these tips for going back to school.