Planning High School Courses with Careers in Mind

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By Rachel Aldrich, Functional Analyst – Transfer Credit, Fox Valley Technical College

In todays’ world, the opportunities for education are growing and the options for students are growing as well. Students in middle school and high school have the availability to complete courses that will meet high school credit as well as college credit. Imagine graduating from high school and having courses complete that will earn credit at colleges and universities! Many students are navigating this track by way of programs such as Start College Now (formerly Youth Options), Dual Credit, CAPP Courses, AP Exams, and many other avenues. 


A group of students walking out of a Fox Valley Technical College building.
At Fox Valley Technical College, we are stepping up and meeting this need for students and helping them begin their post high school education while in high school making the transition smooth. Many agreements have been created between the high school and FVTC allowing students to earn a technical diploma while in high school and carry those earned credits towards an associate degree post high school. These pathways have been developed to allow for early exposure to the career field while completing high school requirements. 

But why stop there? After completing the technical diploma and associate degree, FVTC has many agreements in place with four-year public and private universities as well, paving the path for further education and college degrees. It can all begin while in high school! 

To assist students with their planning, UW Colleges and WTCS Colleges implemented Transferology, a tool that allows students to see where their earned credits will transfer to any college in Wisconsin, or other colleges in the United States. Transferology is easy to use and will not only help students see where credits will transfer, it will also give users detailed information about the college and a contact for transfer admissions. By entering completed coursework and any industry testing completed (such as Advanced Placement-AP Exams), students can see the course equivalencies at many universities. Transferology will be a great resource for students in planning their education. 

Contact your local technical college for more information on credit while in high school, Transferology and how to navigate, or pathways for education.