Robust Suite of Student Services Makes Path To Success More Attainable

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By Milwaukee Area Technical College


In addition to providing career-ready education and a more affordable path to a four-year degree, Milwaukee Area Technical College offers a full suite of student services to ensure academic success. 

MATC Advisor.png

A Milwaukee Area Technical College advisor helps a student virtually.

Due to the pandemic, MATC academic pathway advisors have shifted work to reach students virtually.

During COVID-19 and the resulting economic crisis, students have been forced to integrate education with their personal lives like never before. While the pandemic was not a choice, MATC gives students options to pursue their education while making every tool accessible to them for their academic success. 

Advising and Counseling Services

As soon as a student enrolls at MATC, a team of advisors and career counselors stands ready to set them up for success.

Academic pathway advisors are one of their first contacts – and will be present throughout the students’ educational journey.

MATC academic pathway advisors specialize in degree-specific knowledge. These advisors help the student plan their coursework for each semester until graduation. 

But there’s more. Students are also served by a pathway retention coach that helps them connect to an abundance of “nonacademic” resources, both on campus and in the community, including support for access to food, housing and transportation. Simply put, retention coaches help keep their students on track. 

MATC does not stop with success for students while they are enrolled on campus. The college also provides career counseling to students so that they are prepared for employment opportunities throughout college and after graduation. 

Career coaches help students set goals for future employment opportunities, research and identify jobs associated with their educational path and connect students with industry professionals. Learn more about MATC career coaches here

Tutoring Services

For students who benefit from additional instruction outside the classroom, look no further than MATC’s free tutoring services. MATC tutors are experts in the subject they instruct and versatile in meeting students’ needs.

All in-person tutoring services are structured to follow current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines; however, students can take advantage of MATC’s tutoring services by phone or virtually. Virtual sessions, called online drop-in tutoring, allow students the flexibility to reach tutors from the comfort of their own homes. Schedules for available tutors are posted online and are continuously updated so that students never miss the opportunity to supplement their learning. 

Check out student success stories from the tutoring services on the team’s page. For more information about MATC’s tutoring services, visit this webpage

Child Care Services

MATC offers quality, reliable care to the children of students as well as the community. Child care services are offered at MATC's four campuses and accommodate children 6 weeks to 12 years old, from early morning to late afternoon. 

Each on-campus Children’s Center is licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families to ensure the care is high quality and age appropriate. 

Additionally, MATC students benefit from discounted child care services rates, which means quality child care that fits the students’ budgets. 

For more information about MATC’s child care services, visit the website

Support at MATC doesn’t end with the services mentioned above. Current and prospective students can visit this webpage to learn more about what MATC has to offer. 

MATC's Promise Program

The MATC Promise is Wisconsin’s first free-tuition program for eligible students. Offered to new high school graduates and adults who started but did not finish college, the MATC Promise is unlocking access to college for students who never thought it was possible. 

Since MATC launched the Promise programs, we have served more than 1,900 eligible students. To learn more about MATC’s Promise program, visit the webpage.

Editor's Note:
  Student success is an essential value within the mission of Wisconsin's technical colleges. As such, each of Wisconsin's 16 technical colleges offer their own suite of student services, many of which are similar to MATC's services described above.