Technical colleges play key role in attracting new jobs

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There have been some positive economic bright spots for Wisconsin recently, and Wisconsin’s technical colleges have been part of each of these economic equations.

Northcentral Technical College’s (NTC) efforts with the city of Wausau are a key component to drawing Collaborative Consulting to the area. The software company recently announced it will relocate from Massachusetts and hire 200 people in the next three years for computer programming jobs.

The company will make Wausau its home, partly because of an incentive package that includes $2.25 million in state tax credits, a $450,000 city loan and $270,000 in local job-training grants. NTC will conduct the job training.

In Oshkosh, Veterinary software developer ImproMed is constructing a new office and says it will create 20 new jobs in the next two years. ImproMed President Ron Detjen notes the local education system, including skilled workers graduating from Fox Valley Technical College, was one factor in the decision to grow.

He told The Northwestern, “Having UW – Oshkosh and Fox Valley Tech here really helps a company like ImproMed. We hear the same thing from other companies. They’re finding qualified candidates here and that has a lot to do with a our educational institutions turning quality people out.”

Rockline Industries recently announced it would expand operations in Sheboygan that could lead to 60 new jobs, many of which will likely require a technical college education.

In these tough economic times, every state is competing hard for jobs. We are fortunate in Wisconsin to have such a valuable education asset we can leverage to encourage business relocations and expansions.