Visit your future during winter break

By Susan Pohorski

How will you spend the last week of 2014? Many of you will sleep in and spend hours playing video games or binge watching Family Guy or Pretty Little Liars. Hopefully, you will find some time to get off the couch and go outside for some physical exercise. (Skiing anyone?)

After you check your Facebook and Instagram accounts, why not spend a little time pondering your future? Without the daily structure and demands of school, you can exercise your imagination. Relax and let your mind go. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

While you are sitting at your computer or gazing at your smart phone you could also be peering into your future life. Think of the top three careers you would like to have. Go ahead write them down. How much do you know about #1? What is the expected salary? How many openings will there be in that field when you graduate? What kind of training or education does it take to get hired? Is your personality suited to this career? Would you have to relocate to pursue it?

Go on down the list. Think of other questions you have about these careers. Do you know anyone in that field you could talk with?

OK, come back to the present. What can you do in the next year to move toward your future career? Is there a club or extra curricular activity related to that field? Could you get a job or internship in something related to your goal? What college classes can you take, even in high school, that are related to one of the careers on your list? You might have to change your high school course plan.

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