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September 2019


student studying online
By Erin Eagan
The advent of online education has drastically changed the education landscape. It has opened up a world of new opportunities for anyone interested in learning — and the skyrocketing numbers reflect that. In the last 15 years, enrollment in online courses in the US has more than quadrupled. In fact...


three students gathered on campus
By Erin Eagan
Now that you’ve survived the start of the school year and feel more comfortable on campus, it’s the perfect time to expand your horizons and make the most of your college experience. There’s so much more to a college education than what happens inside the classroom. Each one of Wisconsin’s 16...

August 2019

SWTC DSC_9035.jpg

STWC student at computer
By Erin Eagan
Cyber attacks can occur at any time, and no one is immune. Just ask the hundreds of millions who were affected by the breaches of Yahoo, Marriott Hotels and Equifax. In today’s digital world, network attacks, identity theft and data breaches are, unfortunately, part of our daily lives. While...


By Erin Eagan
Despite progress in the last few decades, gender underrepresentation in certain professions still lingers. Last year, for example, women represented only 6 percent of all truck drivers. Men, meanwhile, represented just 2.3 percent of preschool and kindergarten teachers. It’s no coincidence, then,...

July 2019

WITC_early ed.png

Early ed student from WITC
By Erin Eagan
The first eight years of a child’s life are the most important for brain development. Along with parents and caregivers, child care workers and early childhood educators are crucial to this cognitive development. They help ensure children are equipped with the necessary skills for future success...


By Erin Eagan
While decreasing slightly in the last few decades, a lack of gender balance in the labor market still rears its ugly head in certain professions. Elementary school teachers and dental hygienists are two female-dominated professions, for example, while men still occupy most plumbing and auto repair...

June 2019

FVTC Casey Britten - FVTC2019_Veterans.JPG

Fox Valley Tech student veteran
By Erin Eagan
During the transition from military to civilian life, Wisconsin’s veterans often pursue further education and training on their journey to a new career path. While the skills and discipline learned in the service can give them an edge in the job market, that isn’t always enough to guarantee success...

Logan Smith.png

Logan Smith, WITC
By Erin Eagan
Year after year, our student ambassadors continue to amaze us. They have faced their fears and are chasing their dreams. Each one of these students serves as a role model for others who face similar situations. This year’s class once again taught us some valuable lessons. In fact, there was so much...

May 2019

Grad outcomes 2018.png

By Erin Eagan
It’s graduation season at Wisconsin’s technical colleges, a time when we recognize the thousands of students who are educated, trained and ready to solve your employment needs. Each year, graduates from over 500 industry-driven programs in high-demand sectors enter the labor force prepared for...

Angela Haney.png

Angela Haney, GTC
By Erin Eagan
Every spring, one student ambassador is hand-selected from each of the 16 technical colleges in Wisconsin. These outstanding students are chosen because of their leadership, enthusiasm and commitment to their colleges and communities. They are the embodiment of perseverance and determination. As...