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June 2019

Logan Smith.png

Logan Smith, WITC
By Erin Eagan
Year after year, our student ambassadors continue to amaze us. They have faced their fears and are chasing their dreams. Each one of these students serves as a role model for others who face similar situations. This year’s class once again taught us some valuable lessons. In fact, there was so much...

May 2019

Grad outcomes 2018.png

By Erin Eagan
It’s graduation season at Wisconsin’s technical colleges, a time when we recognize the thousands of students who are educated, trained and ready to solve your employment needs. Grad outcomes 2018.png Each year, graduates from over 500 industry-driven programs in high-demand sectors enter the labor...

Angela Haney.png

Angela Haney, GTC
By Erin Eagan
Every spring, one student ambassador is hand-selected from each of the 16 technical colleges in Wisconsin. These outstanding students are chosen because of their leadership, enthusiasm and commitment to their colleges and communities. They are the embodiment of perseverance and determination. As...

April 2019


WCTC student
By Erin Eagan
WCTC_diversity.jpg Courtesy of WCTC In the last 50 years, our demographics have shifted, and HR departments are being asked to increase workplace diversity to keep pace. While over half of the organizations surveyed by SHRM have a plan in place (57% of recruiters say their talent acquisition...


By Erin Eagan
Moraine Park.png Courtesy of Moraine Park The school year is coming to a close, and while kids may be bursting with excitement, parents are wondering how to keep them entertained during those long summer days. Rather than spend hours in front of a screen, offer them something that will keep them...

March 2019


student welding
By Erin Eagan
For over 100 years, Wisconsin’s technical colleges have been working with local employers and adapting to meet their changing needs. In today’s climate, with a shortage of skilled workers across a number of industries, these types of partnerships between employers and technical colleges are more...

NTC textbooks.jpg

students and medical textbooks
By Erin Eagan
Textbook costs have risen three times faster than the rate of inflation over the past 10 years, forcing many students to alter their course load, withdraw or simply not enroll. According to the 2016 Student Textbook and Course Materials Survey, 67% of postsecondary students did not purchase the...

February 2019


By Erin Eagan
In a highly competitive marketplace, employers are experiencing an increase in the time and energy it takes to fill job openings. While it’s easy to pinpoint the problem, finding a solution has proven much more difficult. A pipeline of potential future talent for your company could be a matter of...

soft skills.jpg

Adults sitting around in a circle talking
By Erin Eagan
soft skills.jpg Besides seeking technical skills, today’s employers want workers who are problem solvers, critical thinkers, leaders and communicators. As today’s employers know, however, finding these types of qualified candidates can prove challenging. “It appears that candidates lack soft skills...

January 2019

SCSF Winners Data Gateway[4].png

By Erin Eagan
Foxconn Technology Group has announced round one winners from its Smart Cities — Smart Futures competition, recognizing the most innovative ideas to help develop needed housing, infrastructure and other systems in southeastern Wisconsin. A panel of 50 judges evaluated 325 submissions and selected...