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November 2018


CNC training technical college
By Erin Eagan
As the labor market tightens even further, Wisconsin employers are looking for new ways to fill job openings. One segment of our population employers are increasingly turning to is ex- criminal offenders, an unlikely talent pipeline that has proven to produce high-quality hires. In fact, research...

promise program for adults.jpg

student-advisor meeting
By Erin Eagan
A high school education alone no longer guarantees a stable career. In today’s workforce, the majority of good-paying jobs require some postsecondary education or training. By 2020, the Georgetown CEW predicts that more than six out of 10 jobs will require skills and knowledge beyond what a high...

October 2018

campus recruitment.jpg

employer-student meeting
By Erin Eagan
In such a competitive market for finding talent, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve to land the top prospects in your field. An effective way to connect with your future workforce and gain an advantage is one-on-one interaction through on-campus recruitment at a local technical college. By...


improving productivity through training
By Erin Eagan
For over 25 years, youth apprenticeship programs have been connecting Wisconsin’s employers to the future workforce. Youth apprenticeships give employers the opportunity to mentor eager high school juniors and seniors as they explore future careers. They create an ideal environment for employers to...

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 10.24.17 AM.png

By Erin Eagan
Any student planning on going to college starting in the fall of 2019 should be filling out the Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA). Every college requires the FAFSA in order for a student to be considered for federal and state financial aid programs, grants, low-interest student...

September 2018

record debt blog.jpg

By Erin Eagan
The burden of student loan debt leaves many current and future college students worried they won’t be able to support themselves once they graduate — and unfortunately for many of them, there is reason to worry. According to LendEDU , Wisconsin grads carry an average of nearly $30,000 in student...

college student identity theft.jpg

man holding cell phone
By Erin Eagan
During the school year, your minds are pre-occupied with worries about classes, bills and maybe even work and family responsibilities. But don’t let these become distractions leaving you vulnerable to preying identity thieves. Not only are your money and assets at risk, so are your name and...

August 2018

WAT grant employee training.jpg

employee being trained by an instructor
By Erin Eagan
Improving your company’s productivity and competitiveness requires an investment in employee training and development. To make funding that training easier, take advantage of employee training funds available through your local Wisconsin technical college. The Wisconsin Technical College System (...

smart cities smart futures logo.jpg

smart cities smart futures logo
By Erin Eagan
Foxconn Technology Group recently launched its “Smart Cities – Smart Futures” initiative in which the company will provide up to $1 million in prizes over the next three years to students, faculty and staff at Wisconsin colleges who generate winning ideas for projects to help develop needed housing...

hospitality and tourism career.jpg

woman at reception desk in lobby
By Erin Eagan
The hospitality/tourism industry plays a vital role in our state’s economy, topping $20.6 billion in 2017, a $631 million increase from 2016. “Hospitality and tourism in Wisconsin is an economic powerhouse,” says Dr. Lynea LaVoy, Hospitality Management Program Director and Instructor at Madison...