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August 2018

WAT grant employee training.jpg

employee being trained by an instructor
By Erin Eagan
Improving your company’s productivity and competitiveness requires an investment in employee training and development. To make funding that training easier, take advantage of employee training funds available through your local Wisconsin technical college. The Wisconsin Technical College System (...

smart cities smart futures logo.jpg

smart cities smart futures logo
By Erin Eagan
Foxconn Technology Group recently launched its “Smart Cities – Smart Futures” initiative in which the company will provide up to $1 million in prizes over the next three years to students, faculty and staff at Wisconsin colleges who generate winning ideas for projects to help develop needed housing...

hospitality and tourism career.jpg

woman at reception desk in lobby
By Erin Eagan
The hospitality/tourism industry plays a vital role in our state’s economy, topping $20.6 billion in 2017, a $631 million increase from 2016. “Hospitality and tourism in Wisconsin is an economic powerhouse,” says Dr. Lynea LaVoy, Hospitality Management Program Director and Instructor at Madison...

Wisconsin TechConnect.jpg

woman on laptop
By Erin Eagan
In a tight job market, companies are scrambling to try and find the right people to fill their job openings, especially when it comes to careers such as electricians, early childhood teachers, dental hygienists, radiation therapists, paralegals and others. These types of vacancies represent nearly...

July 2018


Work group meeting
By Erin Eagan
As worker shortages reach unprecedented levels and the skills gap widens, it’s more important than ever for educators and employers to coordinate their efforts in training tomorrow’s workforce. As an employer, you can play a critical role in the changing needs of your organization as well as the...

Start College Now.jpg

High school students learning in a lab
By Erin Eagan
Parents, did you know that your children can begin working toward a college degree or technical certificate while still in high school? The Start College Now program, formerly Youth Options, allows qualified high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to take college courses through their local...


Work group meeting
By Erin Eagan
This article originally appeared in the July 2018 WI SHRM Monthly State Council Newsletter. The growing opioid epidemic has reached crisis levels. Opioid pain relievers are now the most widely prescribed, and highly abused, prescription drug in the U.S. This disturbing trend has also been...

June 2018

WEDC alumni initiative.png

By Erin Eagan
Worker shortage is a primary concern of businesses across the state. Companies that once had to cut positions during the recession are now saddled with more job openings than skilled workers to fill them. With this worker shortage expected to worsen in the next decade, the Wisconsin Economic...

2018 graduate outcomes graphic.png

2018 graduate outcomes graphic
By Erin Eagan
Graduates of technical colleges are in higher demand than ever before. The proof is in the annual Graduate Outcomes Report released by the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS). This year’s report is based on a survey of more than 17,491 individuals who graduated from a Wisconsin technical...

May 2018

college savings plan.jpg

By Erin Eagan
With tuition costs continuously on the rise, it’s never too early to start saving for your child’s college tuition. Planning well in advance can help relieve the financial burden of post-secondary education later on down the line. While it may seem the easiest way to start a college fund is to set...