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May 2018


mother and daughter on park bench
By Erin Eagan
The question is often posed to our children: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s asked half-heartedly by adults who are expecting responses like astronaut, professional athlete or super hero. But in all seriousness, an earnest discussion on career-related topics with a child even before...

tech college intern.jpg

graphic design student working
By Erin Eagan
Graduation season is upon us at Wisconsin’s technical colleges, so it’s the perfect time to recognize the talent and potential of technical college students and solve your employment needs. Each year, graduates from over 500 industry-driven programs in high-demand sectors enter the labor force...

April 2018


BTC Battle Bots Camp
By Erin Eagan
Special-SummerCamp-BattleBots.jpg Courtesy of Blackhawk Technical College The school year is winding down and before you know it, your children will have nothing but time on their hands. So why not make the most of it by keeping them engaged and learning while having fun? Several of Wisconsin’s...

March 2018

Employee training.png

By Erin Eagan
In a rapidly changing environment, employers allowing their organizations to fall behind in training is no longer an option. Keeping pace with this type of change requires an ongoing investment in training and development. By partnering with Wisconsin’s technical colleges, industry leaders are not...

ag blog.jpg

By Erin Eagan
Statewide, Wisconsin’s technical colleges celebrated Ag Day on March 20 with activities, demonstrations and guest speakers. Industry experts from all across the state gathered to discuss the emergence of new technologies and the importance of maintaining a skilled workforce. Similar to the...

February 2018


By Erin Eagan
sign-1781609_1280.jpg Companies that have become household names all started out with an idea and a dream. Steve Jobs started Apple in a garage. Mark Zuckerberg built what is now Facebook in his Harvard dorm room. But all around us there are everyday people who also had aspirations of starting...


By Erin Eagan
girl-3041375_1280.jpg In today’s climate, HR roles are constantly evolving. As new legislation and regulations are passed, HR professionals need to be at the forefront of change within their organizations. “With the challenges of a global competitive economy, now more than ever businesses are...

January 2018

apprenticeship blog.jpg

By Erin Eagan
apprenticeship blog.jpg In today’s landscape of skilled worker shortages, finding qualified candidates has become much more complicated than posting an ad online and waiting for a response. It’s time to think outside of the box to fill your company’s needs. To address the ongoing need for a highly...


By Erin Eagan
4color-tech-connect.png We are in the midst of a worker shortage in Wisconsin that will worsen as baby boomers retire and new jobs are created. No industry is immune to this worker shortage, with an unprecedented amount of positions going unfilled in health care, manufacturing, IT among others. And...

December 2017


By Erin Eagan
graduation-2349741_960_720.jpg As a parent, you have tremendous influence on the decisions your child makes regarding their future. After high school graduation, they are faced with choices such as attending a two-year or four-year college, going directly into the workforce, joining the military or...